Comedians Unite for NHS single

Thirty comedians including, including Miranda Hart, Funny Women’s matron Jo Brand, and 2017 Funny Women Awards winner Thanyia Moore have recorded a charity single for the NHS called Can’t Wait.

Written by Simon Brodkin, the doctor turned comedian said: “Six months ago, in the midst of a lockdown, with all live comedy having ground to a halt and my tour postponed for a third time, I had a fun idea: what if a bunch of stand-up comedians got together over Zoom and recorded a song for the NHS.

“Partly inspired by Captain Tom, partly motivated by guilt (I was a doctor before I became a comedian and left the NHS years ago) and partly because taking on a big project would be a great way of getting out of homeschooling my kids, I reached out to the very funny musical comedians Huge Davies and Bennet Kavanagh and together we wrote Can’t Wait! – a fun, silly celebration of everything we were missing about normal life.”

The single also features Adam Kay, Stephen K Amos, Tim Vine, Nabil Abdulrashid, Lee Mack, Jason Manford, Al Murray, Jenny Eclair, Joel Dommett, Omid Djalili, Josh Widdicombe, Shappi Khorsandi, Seann Walsh, Russell Kane, Lost Voice Guy, Isy Suttie, Omid Djalili, Nina Conti, Alex Horne, Nathan Caton, Joe Wilkinson, Aurie Styla, Nigel Ng, David Baddiel and Kae Kurd.

You can download the song and donate via

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