2022 Funny Women Awards Winners announced


2022 Stage Award Ones to Watch List annouced

The Funny Women Awards continue to be an incredible showcase for the best and brightest of comedy talent across stage, screen, and page.

Through our awards, we provide entrants with a safe space for women and non-binary performers to develop their talent amongst peers and like-minded people. After the success of the previous years being a hybrid of virtual and live rounds, the process puts our acts to the test in different mediums, making them well-rounded performers.

With a team of producers dedicated to supporting our acts throughout the process, Our company culture is one of uplifting voices and being a vehicle for change within the comedy industry.

Lorna Rose Treen - Stage Award Winner 2022

Stage Award

For the best new comedy act. From stand-ups to impressionists, sketch groups to character – all are welcome, as long as you are funny!

Content Creator Award

This award, is our publicly nominated & voted for award.

We’re looking for new voices that might otherwise be overlooked by mainstream networks. Hidden Gems of comedy that you find on social media networks.

Chanel Williams - Content Creator Award Winner 2022

Comedy Writing Award

Women writers have been turning the comedy world upside down with their innovative scripts lately. If writing is your thing then this is the place to showcase your talent with a funny script.

Ruby Carr- Comedy Writing Award Winner 2022

Lorna Rose Treen - Comedy Shorts Awards Winner 2022

Comedy Shorts Award

Are you making comedy films or developing content?  This award provides a platform for those of you who prefer to present your comedic ideas in a short film format.

Funny Women Comedy Industry Award

The award created to recognise the women amongst our oft unsung heroes of comedy – the gag, sketch and additional material writers, and the producers, developers and creators who are at the forefront of television, radio and digital entertainment.

Amy Annette- INDUSTRY Award Winner 2022