We believe in using comedy to spark positive change for women in the workplace, in fact—we’ve made it a priority. Our sister company HERlarious, offers a range of curated workshops, events and creative projects each tailored to deliver measurable outcomes. Previous clients include Airbnb, NatWest, Lloyds of London and Mastercard. 

Looking for sponsorship or partnership opportunities? Our partners reach a wildly-engaged and enthusiastic female-identifying audience, through online or in-person events, and our famous awards. We’re currently offering a range of sponsorship opportunities.

“Benefit has loved working with Funny Women to help empower women in comedy.  

It’s been fantastic to help elevate the careers of so many talented funny women in  stand up, writing and short film through our sponsorship of the Funny Women Awards.”

Benefit Cosmetics

“The contribution Funny Women makes to the comedy industry is certainly a really important one and it was fantastic to see so many talented new female stand ups have the opportunity to perform in front of not only a number of comedy opinion formers but also a very receptive and supportive audience.”

Let’s put humour to work. Our sister brand, HERlarious, runs corporate workshops, coaching, special events and creative solutions to bring comedy into your workplace.

Find your brand’s funny bone and talk to us about how we can add impact to your next marketing campaign or give you something ready made that will get you noticed.

Are you a performer?

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