Comedians indoors getting creative: Part 17

Comedians aren’t just at risk of cabin fever during this time of social distancing and self-isolation, gig cancellations have meant not just loss of earnings but also fewer chances to try out new material or build audiences. However, being a creative lot, comedians have been flexing their comedy muscles online, using YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and other sites to connect with audiences, new and established alike. To help you get your comedy fix, every week we’ll be putting together a list of projects we’ve spotted online by funny women… 

Since 2013 every August Funny Women Awards Variety Award winner Sooz Kempner has performed a daily show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Sooz says: “This August with the festival cancelled for the first time ever it would be weird to not be showing off every single day of the month so I will release a new video. Every. Single. Day. Of. August! Behold, the Soozinburgh Fesitval!” From the 1st-31st there will be performances that range from songs to sketches to entire replacement episodes of EastEnders, culminating in a performance of PlayStation, the show that was going to be Sooz’s 2020 Edinburgh hour. Follow to keep up!

HELL YEAH! For Reading Fringe Festival’s launch night on 17th July tune in to a show that’s fun, female, fearless and completely improvised. A supHer group of London’s hottest queer improv talent. Prepare for laughs, laments, liberation and no scripts.

Hosted by Monica Gaga starring the award-winning/rave reviewed Ariane Barnes, Rosie Bergonzi, Kemah Bob, Vera Chok, Sadie Clark, Laura Evelyn, Francesca Renèe Reid and Katy Schutte. For more info click here!

So that all the talented people featured in the past 16 CIGCs have venues to go to and backstage staff, agents, producers, writers, directors, photographers etc etc to work with them (and, in turn these venues have comedians to perform for them and staff have comedians to work with) when Lockdown properly lifts, we think you should sign this letter.

We will be back next week with more projects, you can tweet us @funnywomen or contact us on Facebook if you have a project you want us to share… 

Check out last week’s picks here!

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