Angela Barnes Reports on ADHD for The One Show

Angela Barnes featured on BBC’s The One Show last night reporting on women and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The comedian received her own diagnosis in May last year at the age of 44 and is keen to raise awareness and acceptance about the condition.

Women are increasingly being diagnosed with ADHD, including TikTok star Louise who took to the social media platform to share information and her experience of ADHD. Barnes met up with Louise to discuss her TikTok clips and met Amy who, through watching Louise’s videos had sought out a diagnosis herself. The three agreed that as well as diagnosis, being involved with the ADHD community was important, Barnes commented: “it’s validation it’s not just you”.

According to today’s statistics, ADHD affects one in 20 people. Dr. Tony Lloyd, CEO of the ADHD foundation commented on the rise in ADHD diagnosis when speaking to Barnes: “I think it’s a very positive thing” though he does warn against self-diagnosis and highlighted the importance of getting professional advice.

Barnes concluded that “Getting my ADHD diagnosis meant I was able to rewrite my story.” She is hopeful that people like Louise will help others start their journey to diagnosis and find answers that help them in future.

This morning Barnes thanked those who had sent her messages and The One Show for providing a platform to raise awareness of ADHD.

You can watch the report in full here!

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