The Guide: December

AS IF the year is nearly over. If I were to give the year marks out of ten, I would be on the receiving end of an angry phone call from the year’s mother because the year had come home from school crying, and I would tell the year’s mother that she can’t shout me into a giving the year a better grade, because I’m a good teacher actually but there’s only so much you can do when your child is hellbent on being this much of an asshole. Does that make sense?

Anyway, moving on from that. Festive times abound, along with lots of festive laughs. My gig list for December is a bit front-end-of-the-month heavy because of there being fewer shows for obvious Christmas-related reasons, but there’s still a lot to be getting into. Also, remember for anyone alone/lonely/in need of an escape this Christmas Day, Sarah Millican’s #JoinIn campaign on Twitter is a really lovely place to be.

In other news, I was incredibly excited this week to find out that one of my favourite funny shows, We Are Lady Parts, is coming back for a second series. Nida Manzoor’s show, which I first fell in love with as a comedy short, stars Anjana Vasan as a PhD student who becomes the unlikely lead guitarist of an all-female Muslim punk band. It’s seriously good, and if you haven’t watched already, you’ve got time to catch up on series one. And if you’re after something else new to watch this month, Leila Navabi’s show (co-written with Sion Edwards) is on BBC iPlayer and gives you some bitesize belly laughs at three-six mins an ep. Enjoy those, please!

Now, have a look at some live shows I’d like you to see and, merry festive to you! Hope you’re feeling cosy and maybe drinking something mulled.

Ania Magliano: Absolutely No Worries If Not

Friday 3rd, Pleasance — Wednesday 8th December, 2Northdown

World-class comedian-slash-food influencer Ania Magliano is back in town, working-in-progressing her way around north London. You’ve very likely noticed her everywhere on all the mixed bills, the 2020 Funny Women Awards finalist is rolling out her new hour show and it’s important that you get on board before she’s too important for us all. For tickets and more information, click here and here!

Sadie Clark: Algorithms

Monday 6th — Saturday 11th December, Soho Theatre

Always nice to inject a bit of theatre in amongst the stand-up and cabaret vibes. Sadie Clark’s comedy, billed as the ‘bisexual Bridget Jones for the online generation’, has sold out its previous runs and is now thankfully BACK in business at the Soho Theatre. It follows hopeless romantic Brooke, an algorithm writer for a dating app who finds herself suddenly single and decides to give the mathematics of love a chance. For tickets and more information, click here!

Funny Women at Samsung KX

Wednesday 8th December, Samsung Kings Cross

Returning to Samsung in Kings Cross is a line-up of fabulously funny comedians including runner up from this year’s Awards the wonderful Bronwyn Sweeney, alongside Jen Ives, Yuriko Kotani and MC Katie Green. For tickets and more information, click here!

HOHOHO! A festive of night of stand up

Saturday 11th December, The Queer Emporium, Cardiff

Getting deep into the festive mood, stand up is back at The Queer Emporium in Cardiff and the line-up is super ho ho hot. MC Leila Navabi leads proceedings with Olga Koch, Priya Hall, 2017 Funny Women Awards finalist Amy Mason and Calum Stewart bringing the queer rofls. For tickets and more information, click here!

Bridget Christie: Who Am I?

Tuesday 14th — Saturday 18th December, Leicester Square Theatre

Fresh from some super well-received shows over November, Bridget Christie is bringing her latest show Who Am I? for a five-night run. It’s a show about the menopause and not being able to ride your mid-life crisis motorbike because of your osteoarthritis and RSI. Every time I’ve seen her I’ve been blown away, so I’m sure this will be no different! For tickets and more information, click here

Shows Before Bros

Thursday 16th December, Ivy House Peckham

Incredible new comedy night alert! Co-hosts Kate Cheka and Kate-Loise Elliott’s Show Before Bros hits up Peckham with the best femme and non-binary comedians out there. This show’s headliner is the fantastic Esther Manito, alongside Suchandrika Chakrabarti, Meera Cade, Stella Graham, Gauri, and Emma Richardson! For tickets and more information, click here!

The Jain Edwards Show

Thursday 16th December, Grub Manchester

Get involved in the return of absolutely fantastic alternative comedian Jain Edwards’ show. I’ve heard it’s ‘the greatest show on earth’ and if I could teleport to Manchester I would be all up in its business. This month’s special guest will be announced soon, but you can expect some characters, some songs and who knows, maybe a return of her tiny grandad. For tickets and more information, click here!

Shotgun Carousel — The Grotteaux

Thursday 16th December — 8th January, Woolwich Works

Shotgun Carousel always delivers some sort of delicious delight, and this is as delicious a delight as it gets. Cabaret, comedy, circus and drag combine for this festive speakeasy in Woolwich. Remember to breathe when you check out this line-up: drag from queen Asia Thorne and Prinx Silver, magic from Billy Kidd, burlesque from Onyx Fatale (alter ego of Sikisa) and Evelyn Carnate (absolutely sensational name), and comedy from Suzi Ruffell and Marcel Lucont. Holy dayum. For tickets and more information, click here!

Celya AB: Swimming

Friday 17th December, Camden Comedy Club

Here’s another who’s been popping up all over the place recently. 2019 Funny Women Awards finalist Celya AB is a wonderful, charismatic performer — she’s got that little bit of oddness we love/absolutely need, as well as some Parisian coolness that we can only aspire to — and now she’s getting ready her debut show. Reeeeeally strong stuff, get wise folks. For tickets and more information, click here!

Frankie Thompson: Katts

Tuesday 21st December, The Bill Murray

I’ve been waiting for this show my whole life, I just didn’t know it. I don’t know exactly what is going to happen at Frankie Thompson’s one-woman adaptation of Cats the Musical (without the musical bit) but I do know that it’s going to be ridiculous and amazing. And most definitely better than the one women adaptation of Cats the Musical I’ve been doing at home alone since 1999. I love Frankie’s work in a big way and I love Cats and I love cats, so I imagine this is specifically for me. For tickets and more information, click here

Zoe Paskett
Zoe Paskett
Zoe Paskett is a journalist, editor and writer of Funny Women’s new monthly Gig Guide. She previously covered comedy, theatre, and LGBTQ+ events for the Evening Standard and now writes the weekly comedy newsletter LMAOnaise.

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