Announcing the Stage Award sponsored by Sky Studios heats.

The submission videos have been viewed, reviewed and scored by both Funny Women and independent judges. 

Thank you for being patient with us, the process took a little longer than expected because so many entries were on the border of being invited to the heats! 

We have 13 Virtual heats taking place from the 19th July through to the 28th July – you can find out all the times and details here. You can watch live from all over the globe here on our Twitch Channel.

We’re pleased to reveal, those invited through to Stage Award sponsored by Sky Studios Virtual Heats are:

Abby WambaughDenmark
Abhipsa MohantyGermany
Abigail Carter-SimpsonLondon
Aisheshek MagauinaLondon
Alina SharipovaNetherlands
Ally RyanIreland
Amelia StubberfieldLondon
Amy WalshIreland
Amy WebberNorth West
Anshita KoulGermany
Ariane AnantaputriIndonesia
Arzoo MalhotraUnited Arab Emirates
Beau HollandLondon
Best Friends CabaretLondon
Bronwyn SweeneySouth West
Caitlin PowellLondon
Carly MontagUnited States
Caroline McEvoyLondon
Charlotte CropperNorth West
Clara CampiItaly
Claudia TrentinoSouth East
Dagmara WilschutNetherlands
Dani JohnsSouth West
Diona DohertyNorthern Ireland
Elaine FellowsSouth East
Eleri MorganWales
Elisa OpezzoItaly
Ellie ConnorNetherlands
Ellie-May GunnNorth West
Elly BurkeLondon
Emma RichardsonLondon
Erika EhlerNorth West
Estefania BahaLondon
Farah SharpLondon
Fiona O’BrienCanada
Florence CollinsGermany
Frances Mary KeytonLondon
Francesca PuglisiItaly
Freya MallardLondon
Giorgia FumoItaly
Giulia NerviItaly
Grazyna FrackiewiczNetherlands
Isabelle FarahLondon
Isobel RogersSouth East
Izzy MckentyNorth West
Jade GebbieLondon
Jaleelah GalbraithSouth West
Janet RegensburgUnited States
Jasmin GleesonLondon
Jessica BailesLondon
Jessica WintherUnited States
Jules O’BrianWest Midlands
Julia StentonSouth West
Kat NipGermany
Kate BarellaSouth East
Kate BarronLondon
Kate ChekaLondon
Kate MartinLondon
Kate O’ConnorLondon
Kathryn HigginsLondon
Katie PriceLondon
Kay ScorahLondon
Kelly MacFarlandUnited States
Kimi TaylerIceland
Lara RicoteNetherlands
Laura McMahonLondon
Lauren DouglinSouth East
Leah GruberLondon
Leslie Ewing-BurgesseLondon
Liz BainsUnited Arab Emirates
Lou TaylorLondon
Louisa KeightLondon
Lucila San MartinSouth East
Lucy ClarkSouth East
Lucy MarfellNorth West
Madeleine MacMahonLondon
Maeva DolleNetherlands
Maeve BoffeyScotland
Magda MihailaFrance
Maren WhittakerAustralia
Marie FawcettNorth East
Marina ZubarevaItaly
Marjolein RobertsonScotland
Martha BurnsItaly
Marty GleesonLondon
Meera CadeLondon
Melanie JudsonNorth West
Mikaela BurchNetherlands
Mimi HayesUnited States
Morag DeansLondon
Natalie BellinghamEast Midlands
Natalie HusdanNorth West
Nayonica GhoshEast Midlands
Níamh CurranLondon
Ola LabibSouth East
Olivia Flood-WylieNetherlands
Rachel BakerWest Midlands
Rachel Morton-YoungNetherlands
Roisin CairdScotland
Rosanna WoodLondon
Ruby CarrLondon
Saira RoseLondon
Samantha HannahNew Zealand
Sara BorrelliItaly
Sarah RobertsLondon
Sascha LOLondon
Sashi PereraAustralia
Seeta WrightsonNorth East
Sharlin JahanLondon
Sharon EmNetherlands
Sharon WanjohiLondon
Sheba MontserratLondon
Shereen KassamUnited States
Sheria MattisUnited States
Sofia GottardiItaly
Sonia NippyItaly
Su MiLondon
Suchandrika ChakrabartiLondon
Suse SteedLondon
Suzie PreeceLondon
Tal DaviesWest Midlands
Tamsyn KellyLondon
Tara Jean O’BrienUnited States
Taran O’SullivanIreland
Tatty MacleodLondon
Tegan MarlowNorth West
Thomasin LockwoodLondon
Tilly SteeleLondon
Valeria PuscedduItaly
Verona RoseLondon
Victoria OlsinaLondon
Vix LeytonLondon
Yasmin AktarWales
Zoe BrownstoneNetherlands
*Region at time of registration. United Kingdom regions split into postcode area.

As with previous years, the scoring will be tallied at the end of all the heats and on 10th August 2021 we will announce our semi finalists.  

Keep up to date with the process of the 2021 awards with some key dates for your diaries here.

Registration for the 2021 Funny Women heat Content Creator Award is open until 14th September.


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