Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Introducing Comedy Writing Award Producer Kate Stone

One of the best things about producing the comedy writing award is finding that one script that really shines among all the other entries. One of the hardest things about producing the comedy writing awards that it is never just one script that shines. I love reading all your scripts (and I do read them all), discovering those stand-out ones that make me laugh and feel excited to share with the judging panel.

Women writers from all kinds of different backgrounds are vital for a thriving comedy scene that pushes boundaries and showcases lifestyles of all kinds. If you identify as a woman and have a comedy script you’ve written, or co-written, then be sure to enter it into the Funny Women Comedy Writing Award!

But don’t just take it from me, 2020 Funny Women Comedy Writing Award winner Kate Elmer says: “Since winning the comedy writing award last year, I’ve been able to secure an agent, met so many more people in the industry and optioned a script. I don’t believe these achievements would have happened over the last eight months without my Funny Women Comedy Writing Award win, which has been an incredible calling card and huge boost for my confidence as a writer. After years of applying to competitions and not reaching the top, I didn’t think I’d ever win anything, but if I can then YOU can. I encourage anyone who wants to write comedy to enter, trust me it’s so worth it.”

Register here by 30th June.

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