Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Harriet Dyer: Bipolar Comedian

While in lockdown some of us consider it an achievement if we put on trousers for a Zoom call, comedian Harriet Dyer has written an autobiography, Bipolar Comedian.

The book reads very much as a stream of consciousness, one memory ignites another. Its conversational style brings to mind sitting by the fire as as an elderly, perhaps Dickensian character, regales you with their (or his, I did say Dickensian after all) life story. Only Harriet is not a fictional old gentleman willed into the world by Dickens, but a 37 year old stand up comedian who has packed a lot into her life so far.

Harriet writes frankly and no subject or event is shied away from or obsfucated over no matter how painful, traumatic or tragic. From a young age drama seems to have sought Harriet out and so she is not afraid of it. In fact she has got wise to it, using dramatic events to further her chances in an audition for Big Brother, an experience just as hectic and wild as you might imagine.

If you have had to chance to see Harriet perform you’ll note she has channelled her stand up style into her autobiography. It is a wild ride with twists and turns you cannot possibly predict and you will be impressed how Harriet has navigated it!

Harriet Dyer: Bipolar Comedian is out now and available here!

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