Time of the Month: July

Itching to do comedy? Funny Women’s Time of the Month is the BEST night to begin your comedy journey. It’s a night of two parts…come to both or just perform at Showtime.

PLAYTIME: 6.3o – 7.30pm, £10
Meet like-minded women with a passion for comedy, learn how to generate material through improvised comedy, share scripts, sets jokes and ideas from comedians currently performing on the circuit, and receive one-to-one comedy advice from the Funny Women team.

Our special guest this month will be Sonja Doubleday, with her unique brand of clowning and comedy. Sonja’s character Cheekykita has been described as ‘like Alice in Wonderland on Adderall…curious, shambolic and kind of magical’ and ‘like the Mighty Boosh on crack!’

Funny Women knows that comedy can be scary, so this night provides a platform for women to get on stage and perform comedy for the first time. Even if you’re already a regular on the circuit, Time of the Month is a great night to try out new material in front of a warm and supportive audience.

Email totm@funnywomen.com for spots.

Come along and give comedy a go! 

When and where

Betsey Trotwood

56 Farringdon Road 

Playtime 6.30-8.00pm, Show 8.00-10.00pm
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