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Christmas Feelings

I’ve heard a lot of people in the entertainment and special events industry, describe how they feel about not being able to work as a form of bereavement.

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Big Fat Swizz of the Year

Today we published our predictions for the comedy world in 2021, we brought up topics such as accessibility, surreal comedy and flyers being consigned to the dustbin forever. You’ll note what we didn’t predict was more women comedians being booked on panel shows.

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Comedy Predictions for 2021

As 2020 draws to a close the universally agreed upon ‘hot take’ is that it has been somewhat tumultuous. No industry escaped this year unscathed and those in comedy had to find new ways to adapt in order to survive…

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The Elephant in the Zoom

Last week I was asked to speak at the Digital Growth 2020 virtual conference on the topic of ‘selling yourself short’. As a passionate advocate of women having the confidence to promote themselves professionally and personally, I know how important it is for us to get our voices heard.

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Reappraise, reexamine, pivot.

Every month we will be inviting our readers to pitch us articles on a theme revealed in our regular newsletter. This month’s theme is ‘resilience’ and Louise Leigh’s pitch caught our eye. Here Louise shares how her sons taught her a thing or two about what resilience means…

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The ‘Be’ Team

Are you a team player or a leader? I was one of those kids who always got left to last when the sporty captains were picking their teams. Honestly, I didn’t mind as it meant that I could either sit out hockey practice on the bench and avoid getting my shins hacked…

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