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Valentine Viewing

Lockdown has put us all to the test in ways we’d never considered possible. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, if you’re locked down with your loved ones 24/7, has it impacted on your relationships?

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Bite Size Planning

When you start out in comedy, you are asked to perform your ‘best five minutes’. So, why don’t we tackle lockdown life in the same way?

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A Very Open Rhinoplasty

As a trans woman in comedy, oversharing with strangers about how I’ve changed my body has become a sort of ‘second-nature’ to me (as opposed to ‘first-nature’ who is a two-bit, know-nothing idiot). Heck, even in civilian life I can’t stop going on about it

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TV in Lockdown

While we are all experiencing Lockdown in different situations, going by the number of announcements on Twitter from users claiming to have ‘completed Netflix’, one thing we are all doing is watching a lot of TV shows and film.

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Surviving Home Schooling

It’s Sunday and the fear is starting to set in. The calm I felt on Friday afternoon has dissipated and left, in its wake, a gaping hole of dread. Whilst the rest of the country has been placed in lockdown, I have found myself introducing my own set of lockdown rules at home.

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