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For stand-ups, sketch groups, musical acts and more!

Are you a stand up? Musical comedian? Sketch Group? Improviser? Character act? Clown? Cabaret performer? Whatever genre your comedy style, Funny Women is looking for you!

Whether you’re established, up-and-coming or a complete newbie, the Stage Award aims to find the best new comedy performer(s) in the UK and our prizes offer career development and industry support.

Who can enter? 

The Stage Award is open to all new acts under five years performing comedy.

How long is my set? 

Your set is 5-6 minutes throughout the whole competition. Make sure to time your set beforehand – although we won’t pull you off stage with a comical cane (health and safety conscious, obvs), you will be disqualified if you go over the six-minute mark.


How is it judged? 

The first round heats are judged by the audience.  The regional finals are judged by a panel of industry bloggers, bookers and promoters. The final is judged by an illustrious bunch of industry honchos including top agents, commissioning editors and producers and will be held in London. Acts are marked out of five for material, stage presence, delivery and originality.


Can I invite my friends to the heat? 

Of course!  We charge a nominal ticket price of between £5 and £12 depending on the venue and ask our audience members to participate by completing a judging form and giving us feedback on all the acts. Please ask your friends and family to come along and support you, and in return they are supporting us to keep this amazing competition going.


Help! I’m totally new to comedy!

Every year we delighted by the number of women who choose our Awards as their first foray onto the comedy stage. We try to keep the atmosphere at our gigs as friendly and relaxed as possible, so you’ll be in good company. We run workshops and Time of the Month drop-in nights throughout the year to support new talent, so if you want some extra help before your gig just get in touch.

For general enquiries relating to the Funny Women Awards please email

The Winner Will Receive

Keep 'yer eye on that prize! We're all about supporting your act, so we very much tailor each prize package to suit your specific needs as an act. Prizes to be announced...

How Does It Work?

First round heats - October-November: 15 acts perform a 5-6 minute set in front of a live audience at one of our heats around the UK in London, Brighton, Manchester and Edinburgh. We try to keep the atmosphere as relaxed as possible, so you’re in for a (hopefully) lovely gig!

Regional Finals - January-February: The top scoring 40 or so acts perform at our regional final shows around the UK. These are judged by a panel of industry promoters, bloggers, agents and performers. One overall winner is chosen to go straight through to the final, and one runner up ‘wildcard.’ Wildcards are entered into a lucky dip, and once the regional finals are over, 2 are selected to go through to the final, based on the judging notes and footage.

The Final - The big one! The 6 finalists are mentored by a celebrity comedian and perform to an audience of friends and comedy industry movers and shakers.  An illustrious bunch of industry honchos including top agents, commissioning editors and producers make up the judging panel, and crown the overall winner of the Stage Award.

Need a bit of inspiration?

Meet 2016 Stage Award Winner, Harriet Braine, and check out a full list of past winners and finalists here

How To Enter

We welcome every kind of stage act, as long as you're making people laugh (in a good way, that is). The only rule: You can't have more than five consecutive years experience on the comedy circuit. If in doubt, send us an email at

Registration Deadline

The registration deadline for this award is 30th September 2017. Register your interest now to be matched with your preferred location and get practicing!