Funny Women Comedy Industry Award

The Funny Women Comedy Industry Award with Comedy 50:50 and The Comedy Crowd has been created to recognise the women amongst our oft unsung heroes of comedy – the gag, sketch and additional material writers, and the producers, developers and creators who are at the forefront of television, radio and digital entertainment.

Together with our industry partners Comedy 50:50 and The Comedy Crowd it has become increasingly clear to us that whilst women comedians were beginning to get a much better deal on screen and on the airwaves, female comedy creators were still vastly outnumbered by their male counterparts, in front and behind the camera.  

Whilst acknowledging that comedy is an incredibly hard profession for almost anyone to break into and make a living, this award celebrates the talent and tenacity of the women performers, writers and creators of Britain and Ireland, who have overcome the clearly disproportionate barriers to entry to succeed in this highly competitive field.

Amy Annette 2022 Winner

‘Can’t believe I won an award for being the biggest comedy industry cutie patootie?! Thanks to my mother for raising a cutie and Nando’s for providing the tooty.’

Amy Annette 2022 Winner

Sophie Duker 2021 Winner

‘I’m INDUSTRY, BABY! Being recognised with this award was an incredibly special and affirming career moment. I’m delighted to pass it along to my successor at this year’s Funny Women Awards – they will doubtless be a remarkable talent.’

Sophie Duker 2021 Winner

Christine Rose 2020 Winner

‘The last thing I won was a pig’s trotter in an Italian raffle so you can imagine how pleased I was to find out I had been crowned Funny Women’s Best TV Comedy Writer. If you’re not a performer then there aren’t many awards categories for you to be in. So after more than 10 years of writing awards show scripts it was amazing to actually be nominated for one, Thanks to everyone involved for this great honour. It is unlikely I will ever stop going on about it.’

Christine Rose 2020 Winner

‘We're delighted to join with Funny Women to celebrate brilliant women in comedy across the industry. There are lots of them out there and we hope that by crediting them for their talent, it will remind us all to look at improving the diversity of our writing rooms and production teams. Different voices lead to different jokes and more creative options, which in our view leads to better shows. Let's celebrate new and exciting talent.

Saskia Schuster - Founder, Comedy 50:50 /Head of Scripted, Fulwell 73.

‘We're proud to partner Funny Women. By increasing the diversity of our industry we can make an important stand against cultural, social and age barriers. Let's celebrate new and exciting talent by shining a light on the women behind the scenes.’

Jon Jayson, Co-Founder & CEO, The Comedy Crowd

The winner of this special Award will be revealed at the Funny Women Awards Grand Final at the Bloomsbury Theatre on 29th September 2022 along with the winners of our four other Awards.

‘Today’s funny women have a strong and independent voice which needs better and equal representation at the writers’ table and in production. There’s no excuse for a lack of diversity and we’re calling on broadcasters to promote and encourage new female talent.’

Lynne Parker - Founder and CEO, Funny Women

2022 Funny Women Industry Award Team
Russell Balkind, Emma Barnard, Lynne Parker, Alex Rochford

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