Jen Ives

Jen Ives

Jen Ives is a stand-up comedian from London. She has written for the BBC Audio Drama Awards nominated podcast SeanceCast (HatTrick Productions) & BBC Newsjack. Jen has performed at clubs such as The Bill Murray, The Komedia, Objectively Funny, XS Malarky, Poodle Club (and many more), and hosts her own night CLUB CASUAL at Hoxton Cabin, Hackney.

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From the Funny Women Team

A Very Open Rhinoplasty

As a trans woman in comedy, oversharing with strangers about how I’ve changed my body has become a sort of ‘second-nature’ to me (as opposed to ‘first-nature’ who is a two-bit, know-nothing idiot). Heck, even in civilian life I can’t stop going on about it

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