Funny Women has been helping people in the UK to find their voice and use humour since 2002. We know that comedy is more than just entertainment – it can be used to break down barriers, improve communication and diversity, build teams, improve confidence and empower. Funny Women has developed a range of key practical strategies and enjoyable workshops that will help your staff utilise the positive effects of humour in the workplace. We can provide corporate training, entertainment for your business events and one-to-one tutorials, utilising the skills of comedy industry professionals.

Please talk to us about your corporate events or training needs, and the Funny Women Team will create a bespoke event, workshop or programme for your organisation. We also run regular workshops in London and Manchester and welcome group bookings.

Find out more by downloading Funny Women in the Workplace – Online Brochure.


Thanks to Oli Loughran and Videolynks for creating this video for Funny Women.


Email or call 020 8948 4444 for more information.


Here are some of the companies and organisations that Funny Women has worked with:


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