Waving over here! How to be visible in 2022

Lynne Parker

Lynne Parker

I’ve come to the conclusion that success doesn’t always look like me, so I make a point of ‘waving over here’ on social media platforms and at events. This is my way of letting people know that I’m in the room, especially if I’m not running the event myself.

This is a good tip for getting noticed and making sure you are visible, even though the media would have us believe that every successful businesswoman is slim, aged between 25 and 35 and has a workplace wardrobe to die for. Yes, I know I’ve been watching far too much Selling Sunset,(season two now on Netflix) but you get my point.  I am constantly throwing off the invisibility cloak that descends with the ageing process and have made it my mission to stand up for all women, whatever age, dress size and weight, etc. we happen to be!

For a bit of seasonal inspiration and, (I admit) in need of a personal confidence boost after another challenging year, I sought wisdom from some of the amazing women in my extended network and asked them to share their top tips for being visible. I know most of them through work and a bit of play (check out my podcast How to have Fun at Work for some of their insights) and they are all brilliant at promoting themselves as well as being great supporters of other women.

Some of the advice is short, pithy and bang on. Others have shared longer narratives and listed great tips. Enjoy and here’s to us all being noticed in 2022!

Lisa Goodchild – chief troublemaker and educator, Digilearning Foundation.

“Be bold, but most of all be you, unapologetically you. The more comfortable I am in my shoes (be it heels or trainers) the more I achieve.”

Vanessa Vallely OBE – CEO and founder, WeAreTheCity and WeAreTechWomen.

“Sometimes you have to get out your own way! Write that post, record that video, engage with your heroes and shout about your successes, if you don’t toot your own horn, who will!”

Jill Pay – chairman, Savvitas Senate and The Gender Index.

“You CAN do this – just step forward and put yourself out there!”

Zara Janjua – presenter, journalist, producer, filmmaker, writer and performer.

“Nobody will know what you want unless you tell them, so creating and engaging with [social media] posts that align with your dreams and achievements, communicates your ambitions with the world.”

Jaz Ampaw-Farr – resilience ninja and motivational keynote speaker.

“There is no such thing as the ‘wrong kind of different’. It’s simply a choice between being the woman you are destined to be or being the woman the world says you should be.

“My strategy – and my invitation to you is to consider what life would look like if you were just 10% braver – then do it! Human-first connection is a currency in our post-pandemic world so be professionally vulnerable and personally authentic. It makes for a compelling narrative and draws people towards you.”

Jackie Weaver – podcast host and author.

“It’s an oldie but goldie – believe in yourself, your idea/project or whatever.  It shows!  It shows in the way you present yourself, it shows in how you speak about your idea and it shows in your energy. And that energy is contagious!  But it’s also a scarce and precious resource – don’t shower it onto everything you say and do keep it safe for those things in life that you really believe in.”

Sue Lawton MBE – co-founder, Crew Projects and chair, World Business Women at SAVVITAS.

“I have a truly global network that is ever increasing.  It works so well because I always look for opportunities for others and make those connections and recommendations for them. This seems to always get paid back with success for them, and for me. Paving the way for others opens great doors for me. It is a circle of network success!”

Gemma Greaves – founder, Cabal and co-founder, Nurture.

“The most important thing when building a network is to be yourself. And that starts with knowing who you are – what you care about, what’s important to you – discovering your values, your purpose. Realising what gives you energy and focusing on that, and knowing what things detract energy and what to avoid.

“It’s only when you are your true self that you encourage others to be themselves and that’s when you build trust which is at the heart of every big relationship.  And go into every new relationship with what can you bring, not what can you get – it will make everything richer. Think about how you can be useful, how you can help, what you can contribute and how you can support others.  

“The best networks are genuine communities where you are truly an active part of each other’s successes.   I honestly believe that when you bring great people together, great stuff happens. And that’s what life’s all about.”

Griselda Togobo – CEO, Forward Ladies.

“Invest in building a personal brand that is value-based and authentic. Don’t be afraid to bring your true self to the table because there is nothing more powerful than someone who is comfortable in their skin and able to speak their truth. Standing out by being your true self is powerful in a world where everyone is busy trying to fit in.”

Lady Val Corbett – founder, The Lady Val Professional Women’s Network.

“Be authentic and, when posting on social media, always have a personal angle to lift what you say above others who major on business news of interest only to a small number. This will make people read, look and then interact with you to increase your visibility. Well, it worked for me.”

Simone Roche MBE – founder, Northern Power Futures, Northern Power Women, Be Heard and The Power Platform.

“Be curious – take a real interest in your conversation and the person you are talking with.

“Be informed – research/prep and plan prior to your events and meetings.

“Be genuine – be authentic – no need to blag to get ahead – be you.

“Be at the table – be part of the decision making processes whether at work in the community or on boards.

“Be Heard – have your voice heard – you have amazing things to share.”

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this article and do check out all the incredible organisations these women represent.

If you would like to collaborate with Funny Women next year to bring some fun into your workplace or inject some humour into your marketing and promotional activity check out www.herlarious.co.uk or email me to book a chat.

Happy New Year!  

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