Barbara Nice films play for Sky Arts

Funny Women’s favourite housewife Mrs Barbara Nice has filmed a ten-minute play, which will feature in an episode of The Park Bench Plays for Sky Arts.

Written by Barbara Nice’s creator Janice Connolly, the play will also star Coronation Street actor Lorna Laidlaw as Mrs Williams.

The play is part of a project created as part of a scheme to come out of lockdown run by the Birmingham Rep theatre and its artistic director Sean Foley. Each play is set on a single park bench and can be performed in pop-up locations throughout Birmingham.

Five of these plays have now been filmed and will air on Sky Arts.

Foley said: “This collection of two-hander plays take ordinary and everyday conversations and make them extraordinary and timeless – they all have a sense of fun and provide a living snapshot of our socially distanced, somewhat disturbed world.”

Whether the respectable Barbara Nice does her party trick of crowd surfing in the park bench play has yet to be confirmed, as does the air date.

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