The National Comedy Awards Announces Longlists

Channel 4 has announced the longlists for The National Comedy Awards for Stand Up To Cancer, which celebrates the UK’s most brilliant comedy content and creators.

The longlists are open to the public to vote in until 4th November, those with the most votes will make it to the shortlist in 10 categories which are also open to public vote before the winners are chosen from a poll. The winners will be announced at a ceremony on 15th December at The Roundhouse, London.

Categories have been divided up into best scripted comedy, actor and actress, supporting role, comedy entertainment show, male and female entertainment performances, comedy podcast and stand-up tour – plus a breakthrough award. We are delighted to see some Funny Women Awards alumni in the mix, you can vote for Rosie Jones, Catherine Bohart, Sara Pascoe, Ellie Taylor, Sophie Duker, Rachel Parris, Diane Morgan, Jayde Adams, Sindhu Vee, Sarah Millican, Kerry Godliman, Olga Koch, this year’s Comedy Writing Award finalist Zoë Tomalin, Kemah Bob, London Hughes, Desiree Burch, the list goes on..!

You can vote for your favourites here!

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