Mariana Feijó

Mariana Feijó

Meet Comedy Shorts Awards Producer Mariana Feijó!

I always have a little panic when I think about time and how much of it has passed since I’ve first done something. It happened again today when, to write this, I realised I first started working with Funny Women over three years ago.

As a comedian finding my way on the stages and screens I have available to me, these past three years have been a wonderful experience of peeping behind the scenes and discovering more about the inner workings of the comedy industry, and I’m really excited to be producing the Comedy Shorts Award at this year’s Funny Women Awards.

I’m hoping to feed my past film industry experience into this award. I’m yet to work out how I can use my other past experiences as a biochemist in the inner workings of Funny Women…

This award is about you though. If you’re a budding filmmaker or spent the past year coming up with sketch ideas you want to see out in the world, this award is for you! We want to see all your short films and sketches that fit in between one to six minutes and make us laugh.

We will watch all the entries sent before the 30th June 2021, and with the help of industry experts who are part of our judging panel, come up with a longlist, shortlist and top three in the period between then, and the Funny Women Awards final on the 23rd September at Bloomsbury Theatre, London.

I’m particularly keen on laughing and on being surprised. I want to hear your voice, especially if you think you’re having a hard time getting your foot in the door, whatever the reason for that might be. 

Shorts will be judged on humour, writing, originality, structure and performance, as well as commercial viability and production values. As you can see, even if you’re less confident in one aspect of your piece, you still have a lot of others that may make your short stand out.

Don’t be shy! Submit your work!

Register here by 30th June

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