#SaveLiveComedy ups its Target

The #SaveLiveComedy crowdfunding campaign has reached its target in just over a week of launching. With over 400 supporters donating £25,000, matching Panadol’s initial donation the £50,000 target has been smashed and the campaign has decided to up its target to £75,000.

The funds will go towards supporting comedians and members of the comedy industry who have suffered financially due to lockdown. The comedy streaming service NextUp will begin distributing payments of £500 to 100 people who qualify.

#SaveLiveComedy was launched as a response to research led by the Live Comedy Association which found half of people in the comedy industry had lost 50% of their income due to the pandemic. This had resulted in a substantial number of people considering quitting the comedy industry.

To apply for a grant click here.

To donate to the fund click here.

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