Kemah Bob Joins Celebrity Team on Apocalypse Wow.

2019 Funny Women Awards finalist Kemah Bob is to take part in a new ITV2 game show, Apocalypse Wow. Billed as “The Chase meets Gladiators via Mad Max and Burning Man”, the show will be presented by AJ Odudu and Donna Preston who plays the role of The Mistress (natch).

The Mistress has an army of ‘bosses’ who will try to defeat the five celebrities who enter her Torture Dome each week. Among these bosses are Master Enormo, The Horn Hunter, Hot Slippy Jesus, The Mermaid and more. We’ll leave it to you to guess what they all specialise in.

The celebrities, including Kemah Bob, Darren Harriot, The Vivienne, Kimberly Wyatt and more will be led by Scarlett Moffatt.

AJ Ududu said: “I am absolutely buzzing to be hosting ITV2’s new show, Apocalypse Wow – it’s bonkers, but brilliant. It’s full of humour, challenges and all our favourite celebrities! It’s going to be a really fun addition to the TV schedule this summer, so come join us – it’s quite a ride!”

Donna Preston added: “I’ve always wanted to have ownership over these celebrities and have them as my servants and with this role, the Mistress, I can do just that. The role of the Mistress is feisty and fun. This show is an absolute belter, it’s bizarre and bonkers, and I love it and hope you do too! So darlings, come on board the love train to… Apocalypse Wow.”

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