Lynne Parker

Lynne Parker

How To Have Fun At Work

Do you have fun at work? I spent years working as a public relations and marketing consultant before I created Funny Women and although I was good at it, it wasn’t as much fun as it appeared. Then one of my clients told me that women weren’t funny and the rest is history.

Now I’ve created my very own podcast all about how we can make the workplace both productive and pleasurable. I have invited an array of amazing guests from my two worlds of comedy and business to share their experiences and discuss how we can make work our happy place.  Despite their different perspectives, it turns out that my guests often have a lot more in common than you would ever imagine.

I have been a guest on some great podcasts and I pop up from ‘behind the gin cabinet’  alongside Ivy Paige on Behind the Scenes, so it was only a matter of time before I took the plunge myself. I am now following my own advice to ‘stop selling myself short’ and enjoying the opportunity to chat to some incredible women, and a few men, who I’ve met or worked with over the years from running everything from corporate events to the Funny Women Awards.  

A little bit of background to my passion for making workplaces fun and more inclusive. Back in 2018 I launched HERlarious as a business initiative to bring attention to the inequalities that exist in the broader creative industry. I recognised similarities between how women were being marginalised in agency creative roles and on the stand up circuit. This was also being played out in other industries where female talent was overlooked and underrated.

HERlarious has since become a ‘catch all’ brand for our work across a wide range of industries with some incredible clients including NatWest, Canada Life, Airbandb and Lloyds of London. They have committed to making fun and laughter part of their ongoing business agenda from curated comedy events to bespoke team-building.

Funny Women continues to empower thousands of women to find their voice, through performing and writing comedy to taking part in workshops and courses. Humour is a vital tool whether you want to climb the corporate career ladder or appear on Live at the Apollo!  They both require a similar level of ambition and self-belief and that’s what I am exploring with my podcast guests.

Catch the launch episode one this Thursday from forensics with business woman Deb Leary OBE to performing and improvising with Monica Gaga.  All episodes can be found here.

Oh, and if you like what you hear and you want to work with us, check out to find out how you can bring Funny Women into your workplace.

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