Tanyalee Davis: Valentine’s Q&A

For a one off, Valentine’s special Ivy Paige returns with her Funny Women podcast Behind The Scenes with Ivy Paige. Her guest was Canadian comedian and campaigner Tanyalee Davis. We caught up with Tanyalee to talk about Unstoppable Me, TikTok and her upcoming wedding…

Funny Women: Tell us about your Unstoppable Me campaign

Tanyalee Davis: Unstoppable Me is a mantra, a belief that no matter what colour, shape, size, gender, religion or ability we can all be an Unstoppable Me.  Through my social media people from all over the world are creating a community of Unstoppable We’s. We are the land of the Misfit Muther Truckers. We have people that are in lockdown physically, mentally and emotionally. We build each other up. I showcase people’s hidden talents. I bring people on as guests nightly on Clapper (the adult version of TikTok with no trolls) Live. One of my fans videoed himself getting an Unstoppable Me tattoo yesterday. A bunch of people have decided to get the same tattoo.

FW: What have been the outcomes so far from your campaign?

TD: I was showcased on the Tampa Bay News 9 for the Unstoppable Me movement. It was for their  Everyday Hero segment.
I am still on Tiktok but unfortunately, I’ve been targeted by online bullies who have targeted my TikTok lives and reported me to get my lives shut down for a week. My fans are going batshit crazy trying to get me unbanned because I am spreading a positive message but these trolls are bullying. 

You’re getting married this month, in these pandemic times, how are you sharing this special moment?   

TD: Luckily the TikTok ban will be lifted before our wedding 21st February. we will be TikTok Live, Clapper Live and Facebook Live. Then we will post a video on YouTube for those that will miss it.

FW: Who are your favourite funny women?

TD: Melissa McCarthy, Sarah Millican, Bette Midler, Trish Dunn-Ventriloquist, Sharon Mahoney

Don’t miss Ivy Paige’s interview with Tanyalee in the Valentine’s special edition of Behind the Scenes with Ivy Paige. Subscribe here!

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