Rosie Jones Writes a Children’s Book

Funny Women Awards alumnus Rosie Jones has written a children’s book all about an 11-year-old with cerebral palsy, a condition Rosie has grown up with. The comedian and, now, children’s author has signed a two-book deal with Hachette and her debut book The Amazing Edie Eckhart will be published in August.

Illustrated by Natalie Smillie, the book is about Edie, who has cerebral palsy and is about to start secondary school with her best friend Oscar. Edie thinks she and Oscar will pick up where they left off before the holidays, but as the blurb says: “Oscar scuppers these plans by getting his first ever girlfriend, gross, Edie eventually decides to stop feeling sorry for herself and find a boyfriend, so she can prove to Oscar she’s grown up too. 

“But while she’s plotting to get a boyfriend, she accidentally gets cast as the lead role in the school play. As Edie devotes her time to the performing arts, she finds a new friend, as well as talents – and feelings – she never knew she had. She soon realises that life in the spotlight might just be her thing after all…”

Speaking to The Bookseller Rosie said: “I am so excited for the world to meet Edie! When I was younger, I inhaled books, and reading has always been my one true love. 

“But I never saw myself in books. I never came across a character who was brilliant, funny, flawed and just happened to have a disability. 

“That’s why I’ve written The Amazing Edie Eckhart. It is so important for children to know that being a little bit wobbly or “different” doesn’t stop somebody from achieving greatness!”

Commissioning editor for Hachette Children’s Books Polly Lyall Grant said: “There isn’t nearly enough disability representation in children’s books, and I’m proud to be working with Rosie to launch a series with Edie Eckhart as the lead.”

Preorder The Amazing Edie Eckhart here!

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