Maria Bamford joins comedians in fundraiser mockumentary

In a bid to save itself, London comedy club The Bill Murray has made a mockumentary sitcom in order to raise money during its lockdown enforced closure. Comedians taking part (from a distance) feature Maria Bamford, Nina Conti, Lynn Ruth Miller, Charlie George, Cally Beaton, Arielle Souma and Yuriko Kotani among others.

The sitcom, Save The Bill Murray, will be released in 15-minute episodes from Friday 29th January and continue fortnightly for those who contribute at least £3 a month to The Bill Murray’s Patreon account.

Written by venue Barry Ferns, who was involved in the opening of the venue and film-maker Simon Weekes. Barry said: “These episodes were extraordinarily made with no budget, just hopes and belief – which is exactly how the comedy industry is getting through lockdown as a whole. 

“Having crowd-funded our very own venue, the team at The Bill Murray are no strangers to achieving the seemingly impossible and we have no intention of being taken down by something as trifling as a global pandemic.

“Save The Bill Murray is our reaction to lockdown – a way for our artists to stay creative and generate some laughter and hope during our most difficult time.”

Watch the trailer here!

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