Lucy Beaumont to write ‘mumoir’

Comedian Lucy Beaumont is working on a debut book which addresses the trials and tribulations of motherhood called Mummy… Can I Stand On Your Head?

The To Hull and Back writer and star is known for her sharp, witty and surreal view on everyday life, in her ‘mumoir’ Lucy will share the unpredictable craziness of being a mum. With anecdotes that promise to strike a chord with mums everywhere, such as when Lucy was hospitalised with indigestion in her third trimester (blame the burrito), or when she was *this close* to slapping her hypo-birthing instructor. Or the efforts she made to infiltrate the local mum’s social groups and when she embarrassingly forgot her own new-born baby’s name!

Heart-warming and laugh-out-loud funny, Mummy… Can I Stand On Your Head? also captures Lucy’s marriage to comedian Jon Richardson, as they navigate Lucy’s raging pregnancy hormones and baulk at pram prices together.

Get ready to make room on mum’s bookshelf for Mummy… Can I Stand On Your Head? to sit alongside other mum classics such as Why Mummy DrinksHurrah For Gin! and The Unmumsy Mum.

You can pre-order here!


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