TV in Lockdown

While we are all experiencing Lockdown in different situations, going by the number of announcements on Twitter from users claiming to have ‘completed Netflix’, one thing we are all doing is watching a lot of TV shows and film. If you’re not afraid of getting square eyes and looking for some suggestions, then the Funny Women team are on hand with their lockdown viewing habits…

Moira Rose

Lynne Parker, Chief Executive: I have been watching The Politician on Netflix which has a star-studded cast including Gwyneth Paltrow, as the bisexual mother of the main procrastinator and Bette Midler as the political advisor to a rapacious female senator. It’s mad, bad, sexually ambiguous and funny. My ‘go to’ is Schitt’s Creek, also on Netflix, as it reminds me to #bemoreMoira in the face of adversity – Moira Rose is my role model! Plus a bit of Gogglebox and First Dates thrown in now that Strictly’s all done.

Larry Sanders

Mariana Feijó, Digital Creative Strategist: “I’ve taken advantage of free evenings while not gigging to go through that list of things I need to watch. In December I’ve watched all six seasons of The Larry Sanders Show. I was expecting it to be good, but have some of the issues we’ve now come to expect of things made in the 90s. It surprised me in greatly positive ways for the manner it approaches some of those themes that made other 90s productions age badly. It’s also very funny and very sad in equal measures. I’ve returned to Mr. Show and Key & Peele, because you can easily watch a short sketch, laugh a lot, and then return to your curled up in bed slump without wasting a lot of the time you’d be otherwise using to cry about the missed opportunities of this past year. That may be just me!”

Queen of the South

Emily O’Neill, Comedy Shorts Awards Producer: “I’ve found that my Lockdown viewing is different compared to my ‘normal’, 2019 type viewing – so where I normally like short series, in lockdown I want something that’s got quite a few series to get into, lots of ups and downs and plot twists too. During Lockdown one, it was the daily government news conferences (JOKE), during Lockdown two it was Prison Break (not series five though, because that is the definition of a joke) and this Lockdown three it’s been Queen of the South, which has ignited my dreams of rising to the top of a Mexican drugs cartel and learning to walk in proper heels (JOKE. Again).”


James Burns, Webmaster: “I’ve been watching Trying on Apple TV+, a heartwarming comedy about a couple who are trying to adopt, and navigating the stresses of having your life put under the microscope. I’ve also watched the Netflix Original version of House of Cards; which you could confuse with being a documentary, but the writers swear they came up with the scripts before the real-life events you could compare the episodes to actually happened. My go-to is The Office (U.S.); awkward humour wins for me every time!”


Becky Singh, Awards Director:Mr Show! And I’ve watched every episode of Unhhhh.  Twice.”

What a sad little life Jane

Kirstin Miller, Administrator: “New TV for me in Lockdown one was The Crown, I enjoyed the historical aspect of the programme, albeit fiction and found the first two seasons slow but was definitely hooked. Olivia Colman stood out for me as the leading lady. The show I always return to is Come Dine With Me, it’s easy to watch and the niggles that come out as the hosts get to know each other. The best episode was when a guy that was so unhappy that he didn’t win he threw the other diners and TV crew out of his house.”

The Child

Kate Stone, Editor: “I’m terrible for rewatching old TV shows, but now that The-Married-Man-I-Live-With and I are home every evening instead of out at different comedy gigs, we have had to expand our TV watching repertoire. We loved Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing and The Mandalorian even though my husband did not enjoy having to explain where and when everything was taking place (“has Luke Skywalker been born yet?” “Yes” “but is he a Jedi now?” etc.), when we can’t decide what to watch our go-to’s (because God forbid we have a conversation) are I Think You Should Leave, The Larry Sanders Show (we can both quote this extensively) and, uh, clips of Stars in Their Eyes on YouTube – trust me, it’s the best pick me up.”

Stay safe, stay home and watch TV!

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