Thanyia Moore is Bamous on BBC Three

2017 Funny Women Awards winner Thanyia Moore is part of the cast in brand new BBC Three show Bamous which begins on 12th January. The comedian, actor and writer joins host Dane Baptiste, Touissant Douglas, Munya Chawawa and Lola Jagun in this show packed with comedy sketches, stunts, funny archives, interviews, social campaigns and more.

Dane Baptiste describes the show as “an unapologetically Black show that is hilarious, unique and surreal as well as topical. This show celebrates something that has been obscured from British screens for too long – a celebration of being Black and famous.”

The show is set in the heart of The NASBLAQ, a mythical, ever-shifting stock index of the most prominent and up-and-coming black talent in the UK. It’s like the Kilimanjaro of black success – incredibly hard to ascend, full of hidden dangers and all too easy to drop off.

The show promises “a satirical, hilarious, razor sharp and shamelessly provocative look at what it’s like to be black and famous, or as it shall forever now be known… BAMOUS.”

We can’t wait!

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