Maisie Adam to Narrate ITV2’s The Cabin

2017 Funny Women Finalist Maisie Adam is to be the voiceover of ITV2 dating show The Cabin, which starts tonight! Couples meet and move into a cosy log cabin where they have 24 hours to get to know each other. ITV’s head of digital channels, Paul Mortimer describes The Cabin as: “a fantastic new format which challenges young people to delete the apps and attempt to date face-to-face, with no distractions.”

Maisie tweeted: “Anyone who knows me knows I bloody LOVE a dating show, so I’m over the moon to be providing the voice in your ears for this brilliant show – I can’t wait for you all to see it!”

The Northern comedian continued: “After spending most of the year staying inside, this is going to be both strangely relatable for everyone yet also absolutely wild as first dates go, Besides, I ran out of things to say to my housemates back in May, so it’s been nice to gossip about this lot in a room on my own!”

Check out the trailer for the show here!

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