Granny Kumar Gets BBC Radio 4 Show

This February author, actor and comedian Meera Syal will be reviving Granny Kumar, her character from BBC 2 show The Kumars at Number 42 for a BBC Radio 4 series.

Granny Kumar’s chat show will be an all-woman affair titled Gossip and Goddesses with Granny Kumar and she will be joined by great-granddaughter Maya (Ambreen Razia) and Geeta (Harvey Virdi). Their guests include Samira Ahmed, Thandie Newton, Beverly Knight and Maggie Aderin-Pocock.

Reminiscing about TV series The Kumars at Number 42 with The United Kingdom Punjab Heritage Association’s Book Club Syal said: “The greatest joy for me was that so much of that show was improvised. You don’t get a chance to use those skills very often, particularly on television.

“But we just used to fly by the seat of our pants. We’d have a lot of questions ready for the guests. But obviously, you don’t know how the guests are going to answer … you just had to ride it like you were surfing and see where it went. It was so exhilarating.”

Gossip and Goddesses with Granny Kumar will air from 10th February on BBC Radio 4.

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