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We are delighted to announce our brand new podcast, Funny Women Behind the Scenes which is being hosted by Ivy Paige, international showgirl and comedian. Each episode Ivy dusts down her feathered headdress, sequinned leotard and nipple tassels to interview a host of amazing people about their lives ‘behind the scenes’ of the entertainment industry. We caught up with Ivy in her virtual boudoir to chat about the new podcast, cabaret and how she got into comedy…

Funny Women: You’re the host of our brand new podcast, tell us what listeners can expect!

Ivy Paige: They can expect a sparkling, sequinned covered podcast full of funny people from the world of entertainment. I’ve invited some of my favourite people into my virtual boudoir to reveal all the backstage gossip, tricks of the trade and what it is really like to work in TV, cabaret, film, radio and comedy.

FW: Who are the guests you have coming on to talk to you?

IP: Ooh, we have some fabulous guests but I’m not giving them all away just yet. You will have to subscribe to listen! However, I will tell you that our sparkling first episode features Kat Harbourne and Jenny Elles who are the creators of the BBC hit The Naked Podcast. They’re are both incredibly inspiring women and I couldn’t think of a better way to launch the podcast!

FW: You’ve come to comedy via a successful cabaret career, do the two genres have a lot in common?

IP: Yes they do overlap. I like to think we are all part of the same family, and cabaret is the glamorous aunt who sweeps in dramatically wearing a fabulous and sparkly outfit, drinking Prosecco does a show-stopping turn and then leaves behind a trail of glitter in their wake. In all seriousness comedy is an integral part to my cabaret work. As a well-established cabaret singer, people scoffed when I decided to take up stand up, well they are not laughing now…

There are often serious misconceptions about Burlesque and what is actually is. The word ‘burlesque’ means to parody which is a great starting point for writing and performing comedy. The idea or notion that burlesque is merely about removing clothes is a huge misconception of what is actually a rich, varied and diverse theatrical art form. I sing songs and tell jokes and entertainment is always at the heart of my work.

My work as a stand up has been an interesting journey and one that is still evolving. I’ve been writing my debut stand up show this year and I won’t be singing in it which is both exhilarating and terrifying. You can still expect sequins though.

FW: How did you get involved with Funny Women?

IP: I entered the Funny Women Awards in 2013 and I have taken part in a lot of the Funny Women comedy workshops which developed and supported my work as a comedy writer. The Comedy Crash Courses that Funny Women runs are a fantastic resource for performers at whatever level. I think it’s really important to develop and continue to train which is why I still make sure I do regular workshops to keep honing and developing my craft. I’m also teaching on the next one, so make sure you sign up!

FW: And lastly, who are your favourite funny women?

IP: Daisy May Cooper, Michaela Coel, Katherine Ryan and Sara Pascoe.

Listen and subscribe to Funny Women Behind The Scenes with Ivy Paige here!

Ivy Paige will be hosting a Christmas Special on Funny Women’s very first Twitch stream on Monday 21st December! Check our social media for details.

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