French & Saunders Ask Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Austen?

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders will be reuniting (again!) this Christmas to star in a new BBC Radio 4 comedy, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane Austen?

The one-off special will feature the comedy duo as estranged sisters who find themselves forced together when Jennifer Saunders’ character, a glamorous Hollywood star returns to the UK to promote her autobiography Kiss And. Dawn French plays her sister, a Booker-winning literary novelist and their reunion causes old jealousies to flair up.

Impressionist Alistair McGowan joins the cast in the prestigious role of ‘all the men’ and the script was written by David Quantick.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane Austen? which will air at 6.30pm on 29th December on BBC Radio 4.

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