Jo Brand offers the A-Z of Lockdown Sanity

Funny Women matron Jo Brand will be sharing advice on how to deal with life in lockdown on a new Channel 4 show.

With a working title Jo Brand’s How to Stay Sane in a Mad World the hour long show will feature Jo, alongside celebrities and experts offering an A to Z of tips. Jo said: “‘I did suggest we stop after A is for alcohol and C is for cake but I’m assured there are 23 more suggestions to follow so stay tuned.”

The show’s producers said: “We’re thrilled to be making this show with Channel 4 and the brilliant Jo Brand – who better to give us all some straight-talking advice on how to get through the next six months with mind and body intact.”

Channel 4 said: “Let’s face it banana bread was so last March and we’re all slightly puzzled at the number of jigsaws we’ve managed to complete over the last eight months. 

“The nights have drawn in and we need new ways to lift our spirits and keep us going through the low-key winter that’s set to come. So from health to horticulture, QR codes to UV rays, and hibernation to isolation this is the A-Z guide that you never knew you needed.”

Channel 4’s Louisa Compton says: “With coronavirus restrictions set to impact our lives for months to come – this guide will be the perfect companion to help us get through the gloomy winter months.”

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