Kiri Pritchard-McLean’s Egg-sistential Crisis

Comedian, Caroline Aherne Bursary winner and Newsjack host Kiri Pritchard-McLean will be back on the airwaves again with a brand new BBC Radio 4 stand up show. In Egg-sistential Crisis Kiri will talk about being a young adult in 2020 who does not wish to procreate.

But it’s not all about Kiri, the comedian wants the audience to participate too. Those who get to make up the virtual audience via Zoom will be asked ‘What fact or piece of information have you recently found out that made you feel like an idiot?’ Producers have demonstrated the level they are after with the example answer: ‘For example, have you just realised that place isn’t an actual town you can visit?’

Kiri Pritchard-McLean’s Egg-sistential Crisis will be recorded on Tuesday 1st December. If you want to be part of the audience click here!

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