Birds of a Feather returns for Christmas Special

If you are looking forward to some nostalgia this Christmas you will be delighted to learn that Birds of a Feather will be back on ITV for a festive special.

Linda Robson revealed the episode was in the can while on the Loose Women panel. Although while Linda and Lesley Joseph feature, their co-star Pauline Quirke does not appear. The Birds of a Feather star is concentrating on her acting academies.

Speaking on the panel, Linda said: “Birds of a Feather is coming back for a Christmas special. We’re delighted.

“They repeated the last few series during lockdown and it did really well in the ratings, and ITV asked us if we would come back.

“We’ve finished filming the Christmas special. We finished yesterday. We were in lockdown in a bubble in a hotel in Hertfordshire. It’s so funny.

“Pauline couldn’t do it. She doesn’t want to do it this year. She wants to give up acting and just wants to carry on with her acting academy.

“We really missed her, but it’s her choice.”

Instead of making an appearance, Pauline’s character Sharon Theodopolopodous will be “stuck on a cruise ship in Costa Rica, because of the COVID”.

Adding in more storyline detail, Linda said: “We are in lockdown during Covid. Me and Dorien are there.

“Dorien now owns the house, so there is a lot of trouble there because she thinks I’m her skivvy.

“Tracey has got OCD, a bit like Linda – we’re the same person.

“She [Dorien] has to stay over one side [of the house] and I [Tracey] have to stay over the other.”

Co-star Lesley Joseph said: “We all need a laugh right now and I promise this special will deliver the festive goods”.

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