Comedians Outdoors Getting Covid-Compliant: Part 5

Recently comedians have been emerging from behind their complicated phone camera set-ups, green screens and podcast mics to perform live comedy. We don’t know how long this will last with the ever-changing Government guidelines that tell us to go out, but not out out, to not go to the office, but not not go to the office and to be in bed by 10pm. But, in the meantime, we have updated our series Comedians Indoors Getting Creative to reflect to current situation.

We don’t know what ‘enough’ tickets is, but we encourage you to buy a ticket to Lily Phillips and Esther Manito’s Drawn Together Halloween Special on 29th October and see four comedians play popular family game Pictionary…

Award-winning comedian Lou Sanders is hosting Cuddle Club, a podcast about cuddles but really a way into relationships, and people’s psyches, tonight! Join Lou for a live-streamed but intimate chat with a special guest about their preferences for different hug-based scenarios and, just like a cuddle, their answers are personal, vulnerable and definitely revealing. For tickets click here!

Jessica Aszkenasy and Vix Leyton are launching a new night called Comedy Kiss at the Radicals and Victuallers, London. They assure us that “multiple risk assessments have taken place and the venue is 100% covid secure.” So, join Sadia Azmat, Joe Bates, Molly Mulshine, Daman Singh Bamrah, Ilayda Arden and headliner Sarah Keyworth on 3rd November! For tickets click here!

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