Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Out of Her Mind Takes Us Down the Rabbit Hole

In Out of Her Mind comedian and writer, Sara Pascoe takes us down the rabbit hole. We all know when friends and family make life-changing (for them) announcements we are supposed to simply be delighted, but how many of us behind our congratulations conceal a thought “where does this leave me?” Prepare to meet the monster who thinks these thoughts, no, who actually vocalises these thoughts and fears to the newly engaged or pregnant. It is Sara Pascoe, on rollerskates.

I suspect many a university student, having watched this series whilst trapped in their locked-down halls, will write 1000s of words on the symbolism stuffed into this show. For reference, they can cite the books Animal and Sex Power Money by Sara Pascoe. We see a diamond engagement ring, in which a white rabbit appears before we cut to Sara dressed in blue and white, accessorising with an Alice band. HELLO? And wait till you get to the bit where Sare has no spoons. These essays are going to be brilliant.

This is a funny, surreal, beautifully self aware show that I think more people will relate to than they might care to admit. This is not a show you have on in the background, you are forced to engage – as you should. With regular cuts to flashbacks, a skating rink narration, animated chemistry lessons and the actual story.

In spite of Sara repeatedly reminding us it is her programme, she has written a script that allows the entire cast to shine. Out of Her Mind is more proof that Sara Pascoe can do anything she sets her mind to.

Out of Her Mind is airs at 10pm every Tuesday BBC 2 and is on BBC iPlayer now.

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