Comedians Indoors Getting Creative: Part 22

Comedians aren’t just at risk of cabin fever during this time of social distancing and self-isolation, gig cancellations have meant not just loss of earnings but also fewer chances to try out new material or build audiences. However, being a creative lot, comedians have been flexing their comedy muscles online, using YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and other sites to connect with audiences, new and established alike. To help you get your comedy fix, every week we’ll be putting together a list of projects we’ve spotted online by funny women… 

If you’re missing the Edinburgh Fringe right now we suggest you check out SHEDINBURGH, an online festival which aims to emulate the Edinburgh Fringe’s vital role in global culture, celebrate its past successes and breakthrough artists and provide a platform for the talent that would have been on this year. The ‘shedule’ includes 2017 Funny Women Awards runner up Chloe Petts, and 2015 Funny Women Awards finalist Rosie Jones alongside one of our favourite acts Helen Bauer. Find out more here!

Yet another Funny Women alum, Kerry Godliman has launched a new podcast called Memory Lane. Kerry is joined by guests who will share five photos from their life to chat about. You can listen to it here.

The Travelling Sisters have created a new web series, Meet the Mullets. The series is a mockumentary about a passionate theatre troupe and their Mums, forced to stop work through a global pandemic. True to the Travelling Sisters we know and love, the trio don various mullets to portray three families on the brink. Meet the Mullets will be released on 30th August.

We will be back next week with more projects, you can tweet us @funnywomen or contact us on Facebook if you have a project you want us to share… Check out last week’s picks here!

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