Evelyn Mok Features in BBC Three series

A new documentary exploring what it’s like growing up as a British East Asian is coming to BBC Three, Too Fat, Too Ugly, Too Asian, starting on 12th August. Chinese-British journalist Elaine Chong sets out to challenge everything she learned from movies, TV, and even her family growing up. She explores why the desire to “fit in” to a foreign culture while meeting the standards demanded by an Asian family leaves so many British East Asians feeling like they are in an almost impossible situation.

In one episode of Too Fat, Too Ugly, Too Asian Elaine examines East Asians relationship with food, comedian Evelyn Mok makes an appearance to discuss fatness and the pressure to lose weight to find a husband. When Elaine visits her Chinese relatives, she is often greeted with comments on her weight rather than a friendly hello.

The show shines a light on issues not usually addressed in British and East Asian cultures. Elaine Wong discusses a range of subjects with other East Asian people who live in Britain, such as comedian Ken Cheng, Singaporean pop star Ming Bridges, body confidence coach Michelle Elman, drag king Jacqui Bardelang and more.

Too Fat, Too Ugly, Too Asian will be broadcast on BBC Three from 12th August

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