Famalam’s Gbemisola Ikumelo gets BBC Two Show

Famalam’s Gbemisola Ikumelo is set to make a brand new comedy series, Brain In Gear, for BBC Two.

Originally piloted in the 2019 broadcaster Comedy Shorts scheme, Brain In Gear has already won a nomination for best short-form programme at this year’s BAFTAs.

The show tells the story of: “a flat-share comedy where the nightmare tenants…are the voices in your head”. Gbemisola plays Remi, who seems to be a perfectly normal young woman – if a little anxious. However, she’s constantly having to navigate the inner thoughts, who take on the forms of Boss Bitch Remi and Dark Remi.

The BBC says: “The series will continue the story of Remi as she attempts to get on with her life – but otherwise normal tasks like going to work and hanging out Is made near impossible by the constant interruptions of her two alter-egos Boss Bitch Remi and Dark Remi.”

Gbemisola says: “This is a legit dream coming true moment for me and I keep finding myself asking, “Did the BBC actually just give me my own show?” I’m sure It will sink in soon enough, but for now I’m just revelling in all of the exciting possibilities that are presented by this becoming a series.”

Controller Comedy Commissioning Shane Allen says: “This highly distinctive concept is ripe with comic potential and Gbemisola has fast become one of the leading comedy performers of her generation. Her range of characters is a joy to behold and we’re proud to see her spread her considerable talent wings as creator, writer and co-director of this very special mini-series.”

Josh Cole, Head of Comedy at production company BBC Studios says: “We are delighted to be bringing Gbemisola’s brilliant vision and unique worldview to life with Brain In Gear. Gbemi will write, co-direct and play multiple characters in the series – a fitting reflection of a uniquely multitalented creative force. We love working with Gbemi and can’t wait to see how her story unfolds across a series.”

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