Comedians Indoors Getting Creative: Part 14

Comedians aren’t just at risk of cabin fever during this time of social distancing and self-isolation, gig cancellations have meant not just loss of earnings but also fewer chances to try out new material or build audiences. However, being a creative lot, comedians have been flexing their comedy muscles online, using YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and other sites to connect with audiences, new and established alike. To help you get your comedy fix, every week we’ll be putting together a list of projects we’ve spotted online by funny women… 

Vix Leyton has launched a weekly online panel show, Comedy Roulette. Part show part game think Mock the Week but with more women! So far Jen Brister and Kate McCabe have featured as guests and Katy Brand will also be playing. For more information click here! 

Check out comedy writer and performer Lou Taylor and her painfully accurate 90s Girls… 

Mae Martin is hosting a party – she’s gathered the comedians she finds funniest for some improv and lockdown content, she’s arranging some friends to catch-up with, there’s live music and some poetry, and (most importantly) she’s inviting you to join the party – from your home, wherever you are. Tickets are £6 and all proceeds donated to Black Minds Matter. Book your ticket here! 

We will be back next week with more projects, you can tweet us @funnywomen or contact us on Facebook if you have a project you want us to share… 

Check out last week’s picks here!


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