Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Podcast Agony Aunts Joan & Jericha To Release a Book

If you have been struggling with your love life lately and been looking for a definitive source to guide you (or ignore), then you are in luck. Podcasters and agony aunts Joan and Jericha have written a book, or rather the creators of Joan and Jericha, Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine have written the book in character, entitled Why He Turns Away: Do’s And Don’ts From Dating To Death set to be published on 29th October.

Described as an “unputdownable bible of sex and relationship advice” and dedicated to “Mahmoud: surgeon, prophet, model and friend.” The book promises to be “a lifeline, a service, much like the NHS, or perhaps more accurately, the AA. Joan and Jericha: AA for the heart. Affording you the opportunity to have a breakdown, call for a pick-up truck, stop off for a Full English whilst a hairy guy in a grubby onesie fumbles under your bonnet and tweaks at your wiring, before sending you on your way, lubricated,
primed, pumped and pretty.”

The pair also see the book as an opportunity to address the “vicious slander circulating, regarding a small handful of folk who have written to us with a problem, and having listened to our response, gone on to take their own lives. As if the two were somehow connected.

“These naysayers are generally bitter and jealous spinsters, taking perverse and sadistic pleasure in being vindictive and nasty, while no doubt masturbating at the same time. To these lonely ladies we would say, ‘Go look in your own heart, knock ye there and ask yourself some difficult questions. Because you will find the real guilt writhing within ye, like maggots mating in yesterday’s apple’.”

Joan and Jericha’s Why He Turns Away: Do’s And Don’ts From Dating To Death will be published on 29th October by Trapeze. Order here! 


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