BINGE is BACK for the Apocalypse

In 2016 we introduced you to Angela Gulner’s series BINGE a show co-written by and starring Angela that charted her experiences as a bulimic woman without sparing any of the messy, brutal and honest details. Now Angela has decided to return to the BINGE story with a new chapter for these strange and trying times.

Angela says: “These COVID-19 times are so, so tough, for all of us, for many different reasons. But for those struggling with eating disorders, it’s an absolute hellscape. Boredom, anxiety, food shortages, food stocking… not to mention the constant stream of pandemic workouts and wellness mumbo-jumbo… For those with eating disorders, there is no escaping the barrage of pain. Our community is really suffering.

“So – in addition to the weekly Sunday Support Livestream that I run on HLG’s YouTube Channel, we at team BINGE decided to make some scripted content to connect with and uplift our community during this time. As per the BINGE style, what we’ve devised is darkly funny, authentic, painful, and heartfelt.

“It’s called How to Lose Weight in the Apocalypse (a tongue-in-cheek response to toxic social media) – a story in three parts. We’re hoping to use these episodes to amplify the conversation around eating disorders at this time and let those who are struggling know they are not alone.”

You can watch this new chapter of BINGE here!

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