Kate Stone

Kate Stone

Holly Watson: Never Seen The Sea

Regular readers of this site ought to be familiar with the writing of Holly Watson, who writes the Coventry Conch articles, charmingly quirky tales of the West Midlands in the 1990s. These writings, plus more, have been collected into a novelette, published by Open Pen, titled Never Seen The Sea. 

Written in the form of a diary, we’re introduced to Holly’s family in Coventry, Grandad, Nanny Pam, Grandad’s girlfriend Candy as well as mum and dad and various friends who range from good to bad influences.

Perhaps it is because I too spent much of the 1990s in the West Midlands that Holly’s stories appeal so much to me, or perhaps it is it was delivered to me in a box filled with 1990s sweets, trolls and shag bands, but I do love this little book. Reading it is like cracking open a little time capsule and reliving the decade that gave us Gladiators, Supermarket Sweep and the Spice Girls.

I highly recommend you buy this book, settle down with a packet of Frazzles and escape to the 90s until the world returns to normal…

Holly Watson’s Never Seen the Sea, published by Open Pen, is available to buy here!

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