Comedians Indoors Getting Creative: Part One

Comedians aren’t just at risk of cabin fever during this time of social distancing and self-isolation, gig cancellations have meant not just loss of earnings but also fewer chances to try out new material or build audiences. However, being a creative lot, comedians have been flexing their comedy muscles online, using YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and other sites to connect with audiences, new and established alike. To help you get your comedy fix, every week we’ll be putting together a list of projects we’ve spotted online by funny women…   

2019 Funny Women Awards runner up Sian Davies has started a blog called Social Distance, recording her experience of self-isolation, the comedian says: “Writing a blog is so last century. But then, so is the fear of succumbing to a pandemic…” Like what you read? Buy Sian a coffee here!

Cumbrian comedian and 2015 Funny Women Awards finalist Jane Postlethwaite has a new mini Instagram series which is a tongue in cheek paranormal show. “Each day I’m documenting a day of social distancing with my creepy doll while we are in a tiny village in the Lake District. It’s called Village of the Paranormal.” People can watch on Instagram or on Jane’s Facebook page. If you enjoy Jane’s series then you can buy Jane a coffee here!

If you’re a comedian and have YouTube videos of your material you’d like shared then Funny Women Awards Director Becky Singh has set up irl2url, a platform open to all comedy performers who wish to have their live performance videos collated and viewed by the comedy industry. These can be live performances, including WIPs you want feedback on, podcasts or short films and sketches. If you’re a fan of live comedy then be sure to pay the site a visit!

If it’s not comedy so much as a sense of community you’ve been missing comedian Alison Spittle has been running regular #Corvideoparties on Twitter, inviting people to vote for a film, which they will then all watch on Netflix at 9.00pm and discuss using the hashtag #corvideoparty! Alison will then be posting a very funny live stream on her Instagram. For her excellent hosting you can buy Alison a coffee here! 

We will be back next week with more projects, you can tweet us @funnywomen or contact us on Facebook if you have a project you want us to share… 

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