Lynne Parker

Lynne Parker

Kerry Godliman: Bosh

I bloody love a bit of ‘bosh’ don’t you?  Only those of us who mete it out, really understand what it is and quite a lot of us are fans of Kerry Godliman.

In my book ‘bosh’ is all about getting stuff done, hitting things head-on metaphorically and relishing the moment, good or evil. It’s a hybrid of bossiness and chutzpah and uniquely female – feel free to disagree and I would welcome any further definitions.

Bosh is Kerry’s brand new show where she takes us on her journey into parenthood, pet ownership and moving house.  She uncovers the reality of relationships, such as inheriting her own ‘boshiness’ from her mother and now passing this on to her teenage daughter.

Kerry also explores how bosh has led her into some inadvisable purchases, such as the camper van that was supposed to fulfil the dream of hipster camping and a socially mobile step up from being under canvas and going feral.  The van now sits idly waiting to be sold, as it didn’t fulfil the dream of outdoor living as much as a retractable colander.

All this plus the internal examination of her grandmother’s house with its doilies, cat ornaments with unusually large eyes and excess of thimbles. Kerry paints hilarious pictures of her life juggling family, fame and recognition and her customary bosh.

This is a heart-warming and fun show fuelled with high energy and brilliant physicality. Catch it around the country if you can and if not, tell Netflix to give Kerry a special!

Kerry is on tour now around the UK until June 2020 – all dates listed here.

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