Zoe Lyons to Host BBC Two Game Show

2004 Funny Women Awards winner Zoe Lyons has been named as the host of a brand new teatime quiz show on BBC Two called Lightning. 

This is no ordinary quiz show with chairs or buzzing in! In Lightning six contestants answer questions whilst dodging a spotlight that patrols the studio, if it catches any of them they will be eliminated from the game. The winner will receive a prize of £3000.

Zoe Lyons said: “It’s incredibly exciting to be the host of Lightning. It’s a dream job for me as I’m a massive quiz fan and – unlike the contestants – I love being in the spotlight.”

Commissioner Carla-Maria Lawson said: “The pace and the calibre of competition in Lightning along with Zoe’s energy and wit, will bring a real buzz to BBC Two teatimes”.

Creative director of programmer maker Fizz, Neale Simpson said: “This show combines frenetic Q&A with physical challenges, putting contestants on the spot like no other, and it’s a joy to have Zoe on hand to restore calm after the storm when Lightning strikes.”


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