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Ladylikes: Top Secret House Party!

You’ve come for a top secret house party and are received by two happy and engaging hosts, Miztli Rose and Phoebe Batteson-Brown.

You’re greeted by two well defined comedic personas and are invited to join them as they tell you a little bit about themselves, interweaving their stories with sketches.

The duo is clearly used to working together and the chemistry between them goes a long way in the delivery of their show, as the audience feel warmly welcomed into their world.

The sketches have a clear comedic voice that, dealing with subjects that many young millennials will relate to. The two comedians, who have an acting background, commit fully to their character, making even the more imaginative situations, feel real to the characters portraying them.

Expect brides, bridesmaids and lunch ladies and a fair amount of audience interaction – not the creepy kind, just the kind you’d surely expect at your favourite house party.

Ladylikes recently sold out their run at the Soho Theatre, where we were able to catch their show and have a two night run at the Vault Festival.

Ladylikes: Super Secret House Party is on at Vault Festival from 29th to 31st January. For tickets and more information click here!