Our VAULT Festival 2020 Picks

The VAULT Festival is back for another season of eclectic and experimental comedy with a wealth of work in progress and exciting new shows. If we could we would go to every single one we would, but we’ve combed the listings and picked some of the shows that stood out to Funny Women…

(in no particular order)

Chloe Petts: Alpha (work in progress),  29th January – 12th March

2017 Funny Women Awards finalist Chloe Petts presents a work-in-progress of her stand-up show, Alpha. She explores gender and sexuality and considers why she’s so violent during non-contact sports… and contact sports to be honest. Expect introspection, outrospection and big laughs.

Sophie Duker: Work in progress, 4th March 

After the success of 2015 Funny Women Awards finalist Sophie Duker’s Edinburgh debut Venus you won’t want to miss her new work in progress show!

Micky Overman: Riddled (work in progress), 22nd-23rd February

2016 Funny Women Awards finalist Micky Overman is bringing a new work in progress Riddled to the VAULT Festival. If you saw her shows Role Model and Presents Miss Micky Overman you’ll be familiar with Micky’s acerbic wit. In this show Micky delves into her early twenties when a minor medical issue resulted in a break-up (possibly), unemployment (briefly) and an encounter with an actual witch (totally). Also includes stories of family (specifically a ‘ready-to-die’ grandmother), relationships and life in Britain as an outsider.

Thanyia Moore: Bully, 30th January, 13th February 

2017 Funny Women Awards winner Thanyia Moore was born to two working class Jamaican born parents. What happened from there, is what she’ll be discussing. From being bullied to being a bully, Thanyia explores what that means and how she’s overcome all of the obstacles that may or may not have got in the way…

Lauren Pattison: Work in progress, 28th February 

We’re delighted that after the success of her shows Lady Muck and Peachy, 2014 Funny Women Awards finalist Lauren Pattison is back! Following a whirlwind couple of years of awards, nominations, sell-out shows and international touring, Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee 2017 Lauren Pattison returns with the beginnings of a brand new show.

Sikisa: I’m a Se7en, 29th February

2019 Funny Women Awards One to Watch Sikisa presents her show about being a work in progress. Being seen as a real life superhero by the people around her, Sikisa explores the brutal but funny truth about her life and herself in which she justifies calling herself a seven! The real question is, are you also a seven?

Shelf: Straight (work in progress), 8th February, 14th March


2019 Funny Women Awards finalists Shelf formed their comedy double act in 2015.  A lot has changed since then – namely, Ruby cut her hair and came out (not necessarily in that order). In this work in progress show, Straight, you can expect to find all of these things as Shelf look back over their beloved and largely unknown career as a double act.

Sian Davies: About Time, 20th-22nd March

About Time is the story of 2019 Funny Women Awards runner up Sian’s austerity sponsored gap year and her journey as a working-class traveller in an unfamiliar world. From the Taj Mahal to the local Tesco, this overgrown kid has seen it all. She’s been there, done that and got the T-shirt to prove it. Along the way, much to everyone’s relief, she finally manages to grow up.
Join Sian on this extraordinary journey as she shares the truth about what really happened on her gap year.

Helen Bauer: The Good Tit (work in progress), 19th-20th February 

Sweet Angel stand up comedian Helen Bauer presents a work in progress show of her new thoughts, feelings and emotions on pretty much everything. Every thought is over thought and then has alcohol thrown on it.

There are plenty more amazing shows at VAULT Festival, check them out here!